Dr. Dawn Jones

While pursuing her degree in veterinary medicine from Tuskegee University, from which she graduated with her doctorate in 1995, Dr. Dawn Jones worked for Merck Research Laboratories, thus allowing her to take a path in research and gain a great knowledge in medicine interactions. She worked full time for Merck after graduation for a year before starting her veterinary practice career at Animal Health Center in Maryville, Tennessee. After leaving Animal Health Center she continued her career at BayLeaf Veterinary in Raleigh, North Carolina. She then became a relief veterinarian filling in when needed at 14 animal hospitals in the area. This gave Dr. Jones a wide variety of management styles to observe and helped guide her own vision for how her practice should be maintained and grown as the years pass.

Dr. Charles and Dr. Dawn have been married for twenty years and have three children as well as Joshua and Daniel, their family pets.