Pain Management

One of the most difficult areas of animal healthcare is pain management. Our pets are unable to describe to us the location or degree of pain they are feeling. In fact, due to ancestral traits, our pets will hide their pain from us because of the predator/prey instinct they possess. Some signs of pain can include lack of appetite, social withdrawal, whimpering, limping, and in some extreme cases: aggression.

It takes a highly skilled and experienced veterinarian to deduce where the pain is coming from and how to proceed with treatment. The doctors at Mercy Animal Hospital have years of specialized experience in treating and curing pain in animals.

Pain is usually categorized in two areas: acute and chronic. Acute pain is pain that is fairly new, usually due to trauma or food digestion. If your pet is determined to have acute pain they are usually give a treatment plan that includes a higher dose of painkillers but only for a short time. Animals are amazingly well at healing with just a little help from us. Chronic pain is described as pain that is due to aging factors or lingering injuries. Arthritis, degenerative joint disease, diabetes, glaucoma, and even cancer are all contributing diseases to chronic pain. Chronic pain is usually treated with lower doses of painkillers and steroid medication on a longer dosage schedule. Some physical therapy and surgery may be also suggested to put your pet at ease. Mercy Animal Hospital is there for you and your pet when they are in pain and will work with you to figure out the best treatment plan for both of you.