Digital Radiography

One of the most useful tools in human and animal healthcare in the last century is the use of radiography. In common terms, radiography is x-ray technology. X-ray is the use of a radiation pulse that projects an image of internal structures onto film or digital media. Mercy Animal Hospital believes in using the latest technology to give their patients the best care, therefore they use digital radiography in their practice. This means if your pet needs an x-ray, one of our staff members will help position your pet for the x-ray. Once the x-ray is taken, it is then processed and the image can be pulled up on a computer. The veterinarian at this point can zoom in on small areas of concern; manipulate the x-ray in order to see tumors or pneumonia in the lungs more clearly. X-Rays are also sent to a radiologist. Some of the great uses of x-ray include:

  • Determining heart size
  • Finding pneumonia in the lungs
  • Locating foreign objects swallowed
  • Identifying tumor growths
  • Detecting fractures and breaks in bones
  • Monitoring your pet’s progress during pregnancy

As you can see, x-ray is a very important part of healthcare and Mercy Animal Hospital utilizes x-ray everyday in their practice.