At times in our lives, we find ourselves scrambling to find a pet sitter for our beloved animals. Instead of stressing over asking favors or finding a reliable adult to care for your pets, why not utilize the veterinarian supervised boarding facilities at Mercy Animal Hospital? Our climate controlled kennel areas are an ideal temporary home for your pet. Each animal is separated from other animals in their own kennels. They receive food and water on a regular basis. Our veterinary assistants are great at giving the animals attention and love even when they are not supposed to be at work! The veterinarians and the kennel assistants address any special needs that your pet requires. All animals are required to be up to date on vaccinations and flea/tick free. If your pet needs to be vaccinated and in need of a flea/tick treatment we can also handle this before your pet enters the kennel area.

If you find yourself facing an unexpected medical emergency or a scheduled vacation then call Mercy Animal Hospital to schedule your pet’s next stay-cation!