Hospice & Euthanasia

Mercy Animal Hospital prides itself on providing care from the beginning of a beloved pet’s life to the end of their life. If your pet is starting to decline from old age or disease, we can help you and your family transition to life without your furry family member.

Hospice care is utilized when no further healing treatments can be given to a person or animal. The goal of hospice care is to make the patient comfortable while giving the family time with their beloved pet before saying goodbye. Pain levels will be managed and the doctors at Mercy Animal Hospital will address issues that would decrease quality of life.

At that difficult time that you decide to end your pet’s life, our staff is well prepared to help you with this difficult choice and shows the compassion you will come to expect from our staff. Euthanasia is the practice of ending life in a peaceful, non-painful way. Your pet will be given a series of medication that will in fact let your pet drift off to sleep. First they will be given a sedative to keep them calm. After your pet is calm, a medication to stop their heart is given, in which their passing will be eminent. You will be allowed to stay with your pet throughout the process and they will take comfort in knowing their family is nearby. This is a very moving and touching part of your relationship with your pet and that will be acknowledged by all involved at Mercy Animal Hospital.