Veterinarians are not specialized practicians of medicine like human doctors. They are a general service healthcare provider meaning they are educated and experienced in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and even surgery. Mercy Animal Hospital has a state-of-the-art surgical suite where our doctors are able to provide life-saving surgeries, but also orthopedic procedures, tumor removals, foreign object retrieval, cesarean sections and exploratory surgeries for internal injuries. We also provide surgeries such as tail docking, declawing and dewclaw removal. Another popular surgery that is highly recommended by veterinarians is sterilization surgeries such as spay surgery for females and neuter procedures for males.

If your pet needs a surgery, Mercy Animal Hospital will go through several steps in the entire process. Once your pet is brought in for surgery any necessary blood work and x-rays are performed as well as a preliminary physical exam by our staff. Once in the surgery suite your pet will receive anesthesia and will be monitored constantly for any changes in blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rhythms. Once surgery is over your pet will be moved to our intensive care area where they will be given pain medicine, kept calm and warm and watched for any changes in their physical state. You will be able to see your pet at that point if you choose. They will remain in intensive care until your pet is awake and stable enough to go home. Pets heal the best at home due to their want and need for your love and care.